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The primary goal of the infant nursery is to provide care in a loving and nurturing atmosphere for infants 6 weeks to 24 months old.

Portrait of a babyDESCRIPTION:

There is one “care giver” for every four infants. A schedule is followed in which there will be a morning and afternoon naptime, a “work time” (during which care givers work on single goals with the infants), and an hour and a half lunch time, when parents are welcome to come visit. Naturally, the schedule is flexible, as the individual needs of children this age are of primary importance.

There is a designated sleep area and activity area. When the children are awake, they are in the stimulating and social atmosphere of the activity area.

Of highest priority is basic care taking of the infants. This means being sure that their most fundamental needs are met. These needs are as follows:

  • Love, nurturing and social contact

  • A clean, safe environment

  • Clean diapers

  • Feeding

  • Sleep

The secondary function of the nursery is to provide an atmosphere in which we begin implementing our philosophy of learning.

Baby girl with bottleAn infant nursery of this sort is a very special place. The care giver-child and care giver-parent relationships make this a setting in which there is much personal interaction and involvement. Thus, the nursery becomes a warm, joyful, and fun atmosphere in which all flourish.


Every morning, your child’s cubby should be refilled with the following:

  • Bottles of formula, milk or juice with covers
  • Disposable diapers (6 – 8)

  • Baby food
  • Desitin

  • Wipes
  • Sheet and Blanket

  • Changes of clothing and bibs.
  • Whatever else you use on your child.

All of the above must be labeled with your child’s name. Please be sure to use indelible markers!


1. Everyday you should bring all the bottles you expect your child to drink during the course of the day. They must be fully prepared (nipples up) and placed in the refrigerator. The same goes for your child’s lunch. You may leave extra food, formula or juice in your child’s food cubby.

Portrait of a baby

2. In preparation for going to the toddler room, we expect the children to begin finger food by no later than 12 months. If you need lunch suggestions, we will be more than happy to give you our finger food list.

3. We have water play in the afternoon for the older children on hot days. Please let us know in the mornings if you don’t want your child to participate.

4. Each child needs a sheet and blanket, which will stay at the center and will be washed at the end of each week at home.

5. At the end of each day, you will find your child’s empty bottles and dishes in his or her cubby. Be sure to collect them every day.

6. The refrigerator is cleaned every Friday. Nothing should remain over the weekend.

7. Please feed your child breakfast at home or come in early and feed him or her at the Center. If breakfast is to be fed to your child by the staff, please advise us in advance. We are not able to feed breakfast to the children until 8:30, when we are fully staffed.

8. To insure against spoilage, we discard any half eaten jars of food every day after lunch. Please bring only as much as you think your child will eat.

9. Please check the memo board by the front door for important messages.

10. Please feel free to call the nursery if you have any concerns regarding your child. Don’t hesitate to call even if you just want to know how your child is doing!

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