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Studio shot of adorable girlThe children in the two-year-old room range in age from 24 months to 3 years. The major emphasis with this age group is to provide a stimulating, loving, and secure environment in which the children can develop a beginning sense of independence, social skills, and skills in working with learning materials. The program does not stress “academics” as much as it nurtures the child’s growing awareness of his abilities in all areas.

There is one adult for every seven children. The schedule is similar to that of the preschool program, but with shorter time spans for each activity.

Twos are at a stage in their development when they are learning to become more autonomous, needing to “do it myself”. Our toddler environment is designed for safe exploration. Activities and materials offer successful experiences, promoting the feeling of “I Can”, which is important at this stage.

The adults offer firm but kind and understanding guidance. Emphasis is on rewarding and praising appropriate behavior. This attitude is extended to toilet training which is a goal in this stage.  Activities and areas are planned where the children in this group are able to develop their large motor skills. Some of these tasks include walking on low balance beams, moving to music, an open area for jumping, hopping, etc. and small vehicles to push, pull and ride.

Also included in the two-year-old room are block areas, where the children can build simple structures; a housekeeping area, where familiar family roles can be acted out; an art area, where children can enjoy small group art activities such as finger-painting, collage and clay. Simple puzzles, sorting games, peg boards, etc. are available for the toddlers to manipulate. These activities help to refine their eye-hand coordination as well as their visual discrimination skills.

There are daily story times, music times, sand and water play and simple science activities.

Outdoors, the toddlers enjoy a separate playground and a low climbing apparatus as well as occasional structured game playing.

Happy toddler sitting on floor with othersTHINGS TO BRING:

  • A change of clothing to be kept at the Center.
  • Disposable diapers, if necessary. (4 – 6)
  • Wipes.
  • A small blanket and a sheet.
    • You will need to take this home on Fridays for laundering and return Mondays.
  • ALL ITEMS need to be labeled with your child’s name.

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